Best 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Have you come looking for a 2000-Watt inverter generator? There are various options available on the market however you should get the one that you can easily rely on for a long time to come. In this article, we will be reviewing the Best 2000 Watt Inverter Generators.

Inverter generators are the only way to go now. This is because they offer several advantages over conventional generators. They are quieter, more compact, parallel capable, and also much safer.

Best 2000-Watt Inverter Generator Reviews and Buyer’s Guide:

Best 2000-Watt Inverter Generator Reviews and Buyer's Guide

However, all products available on the market aren’t good enough. This is why you should be extra careful when picking one for yourself. For this reason, we compiled a roundup of the top 7 best 2000-Watt inverter generators. Read on to learn more.

Best 2000-Watt Inverter Generator Quick Overview:

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Generac is among the leading manufacturers of inverter generators in the United States. The Generac 6866 iQ2000 is our favorite 2000-Watt inverter generator. While the unit starts at 2000W, it delivers a running power of 1600W. It features the Generac OHV engine comes with 3 separate settings I.e. turbo, economical and regular. It manually adjusts engine speed according to the power required by the load. This not only makes the operation more efficient but also helps in reducing the noise output. The unit utilizes a digital inverter for converting the output from DC to AC.

With a parallel capability, the Generac 6866 iQ2000 has the ability to double up on the power output by linking up with a similar model. The unit is not only super reliable and durable but it also offers long run times so you don’t have to refuel too often. Even with a quarter-full tank, you get a run time of 7 hours. The unit also features a smart LED dashboard that shows battery life, wattage use, and fuel levels. A simple PowerDial can be used to switch between run, start, and stop. The unit is lightweight so you can easily pick it up and cart it around.

Even though it can power heavy-duty appliances, it cannot power multiple heavy-duty electronics at once.

In conclusion, the Generac 6866 iQ2000 is a reliable and efficient inverter generator.


  • Colour: Orange and black
  • Dimensions: 20 x 12.6 x 16.9 inches
  • Weight: 46.2 pounds
  • Wattage: 2000W (surge), 1600W (running)
  • Outlets: Not mentioned
  • Engine: OHV
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.06 gallons
  • Run time: 7.7 hours at 1/4 load
  • EPA III and CARB compliant: No


  • Engine comes with 3 separate settings I.e. turbo, economical and regular
  • Digital inverter
  • A smart LED dashboard
  • PowerDial
Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet 1600 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Inverter Generator - CARB Compliant infographics
  • Lightweight
  • Advanced design
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet
  • Cannot power multiple heavy-duty appliances at once

Moving on to the second product on our list, we would like to present to you the Westinghouse iGen2500 Portable Inverter Generator. This unit has a manual recoil start system which is common in most generators. It is run by a 98cc, 4-stroke OHV, 3.4 HP engine which is super powerful. If we talk about the power output, it produces a rated power of 2200W along with a starting power of 2500W. Even though it produces a great amount of power, it’s still not noisy and operates quietly at about 52 dbA. This means you can run the inverter generators indoors or in an RV and it won’t create much disturbance.

If you’re conscious about the environment, the Westinghouse iGen2500 Portable Inverter Generator won’t disappoint you because of its USFS, CARB, and EPA compliant which means it can be used in all states of the US. It features a 1-gallon fuel tank which allows for a runtime of 10 hours at quarter load. The control panel has 3 light indicators which let you know if the inverter generator is output-ready, low-oil, or overloaded. A LED data center displays parameters such as lifetime run hours, remaining run time, fuel levels, voltage, and power output. The control panel also consists of multiple power outlets so that you can power more than one appliance at once.

It also includes multiple safety features such as an automatic circuit breaker, low oil shutoff, and spark arrestor. Low oil shutoff automatically turns off the system when oil levels are too low. In case of overload, the automatic circuit breaker instantly breaks the circuit and the spark arrestor is responsible for controlling the sparks so that they don’t get off the muffler. With a low THD percentage, it can safely power-sensitive devices. It’s lightweight so it can be moved around easily and it also comes with a full 3-year long warranty.

However, some users were not satisfied with the customer service.

All in all, the Westinghouse iGen2500 Portable Inverter Generator is an affordable and super-efficient option if you want to get a 2000W inverter generator.


  • Colour: Camouflage wood finish
  • Dimensions: 19.8 x 11.2 x 17.9 inches
  • Weight: 48.4 pounds
  • Wattage: 2500W (surge), 2200W (running)
  • Outlets: 2x120V 20A, 2x USB
  • Engine: 3.4 HP 98cc OHV
  • Run time: 10 hours at quarter load
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Safe and stable power
  • Multiple outlets for different appliances
  • Parallel capability
  • 52 dba noise levels
  • Digital display
  • EPA, CARB and USFS compliant
  • Quiet
  • Stable power
  • Eco-friendly
  • User friendly
  • Customer service is not good

Next up, we present to you the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000W Inverter Generator. This product is efficient, affordable, and super quiet and these are all the reasons we have placed it among the best 2000-Watt inverter generator. This unit has a very compact and lightweight design which makes it super portable and easy to store in a confined space.

However, don’t be misguided by its small size because it offers super long run times of up to 10.5 hours. This means you can easily run it for long periods without having to refuel. It also produces minimum noise pollution so you can easily use it indoors. Noise levels are rated at about 51.5 dbA which is super quiet so it won’t disturb you at all.

The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000W Inverter Generator emits super clean emissions which makes it quite eco-friendly! The eco-friendly control system makes sure that the engine speed is optimized according to the requirement of the load. This not only benefits your wallet but also the environment. It also features an inverter system along with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) which ensures an efficient operation of the system. It uses gas as fuel and is also CARB compliant which means you can even use it in areas with strict air control laws.

On the downside, some users have an issue with the oil consumption of the unit.

All in all, we are satisfied with the operation of the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000W Inverter Generator and we would recommend it.

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  • Colour: Black and blue
  • Dimensions: 19.3 x 11 x 17.9 inches
  • Weight: 44.1 pounds
  • Wattage: 2000W (surge), 1600W (running)
  • Outlets: Not mentioned
  • Engine: Not mentioned
  • Run time: 10.5 hours at quarter load
  • Warranty: Not mentioned


  • 51.5 dbA noise pollution
  • Emits super clean emissions
  • Eco-friendly control system
  • Inverter system along with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  • CARB compliant
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quiet
  • Advanced design
  • High oil consumption

Honda has always delivered quality at very reasonable rates. Similarly, the Honda EU2200IC is definitely no exception. With a peak power of 2200W, this unit can help run a majority of devices and home appliances. With a rated power output of 1800W, it can power more than one appliance for hours in the end providing the customers with maximum comfort. Several receptacles help you connect multiple electronics with varying power needs. The productivity of this efficient generator is due to its GXR120 engine which makes sure that the unit delivers the best power.

The Honda EU2200IC also offers multiple user-friendly and safety features. The fuel shutoff valve assists in completely cleaning out the fuel from inside the carburetor to prevent the stale fuel from an increased life span of the inverter generator. Maintenance is made much easier by the bigger size oil drain gutter, much longer sprouts in addition to the much bigger opening of the oil filler.

The ventilation area of the unit is also larger than other similar models which helps in cooling down the inverter generator quickly. It is also quite lightweight which greatly helps in increasing its portability. One of the best features of this unit is the super quiet operation rated at around noise levels of 53 to 57 dba so that you can run the inverter generator indoors without getting any complaints from the neighbors.

One major issue with this unit is that it has a manual recoil start which basically requires a lot more effort than an advanced electric start.

We are fully satisfied with the power generation and amazing features of the Honda EU2200IC and we would recommend it to you!


  • Colour: Black and red
  • Dimensions: 21 x 20 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Wattage: 2200W (surge), 1800W (running)
  • Outlets: 1x 30A 125 volts locking plug, 1x20A 125V
  • Engine: Honda GXR120
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.95 gallons
  • Run time: 8.1 hours at quarter load
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Multiple outlets
  • Efficient engine
  • Easy maintenance
  • User friendly features
  • Light
  • Quiet
  • Durable
  • Good ventilation
  • Manual recoil start

The Pulsar PG2000iSN is a durable and efficient inverter generator and rightly belongs to the list of the best 2000W inverter generators. The stable sine wave technology of this unit ensures the production of reliable and clean power in order to offer protection to sensitive devices. It can produce a maximum power of 2000W and a rated power of 1600W.

This is all thanks to the powerful single-cylinder 80cc, 4-stroke OHV engine which makes sure that the power generation is stable and efficient. Using a 1.2-gallon fuel tank, this unit offers run times of up to 8 hours at half load which is long enough for both home backup and industrial use.

The Pulsar PG2000iSN can easily be used at outdoor parties because of the Quiet inverter technology which keeps noise levels around 59 dbA which is similar to a normal conversation so it won’t be much of a nuisance. If the power produced by this unit is not enough for you, you can quickly parallel connect it with another model to double the power output. The Control panel on the system contains multiple power outlets for simultaneously powering more than one device.

In addition to this, it features an economy switch that assists in increasing fuel efficiency. It also consists of overload protection, a low-oil indicator, and an operation indicator. Even though it has a recoil start system; it requires less effort to turn on the system. It is lightweight and also CARB compliant. Finally, you also get a 1-year warranty with this product.

However, some users had complaints about the oil filling system of this model which leads to some spillage.

Other than that, the Pulsar PG2000iSN is a really good 2000W inverter generator and yu should consider it as an option.


  • Colour: Grey
  • Dimensions: 19.7 x 11.22 x 17.97 inches
  • Weight: 47 pounds
  • Wattage: 2000W (surge), 1600W (running)
  • Outlets: 2x 13A 120V AC, 1x 8A 12V DC, 1x 5V DC USB
  • Engine: Single cylinder 80cc, 4-stroke OHV engine
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.2 gallons
  • Run time: 8 hours at half load
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Stable sine wave technology
  • Quiet inverter technology
  • Parallel capable
  • Economy switch
  • Overload protection, a low-oil indicator and an operation indicator
  • Easy to start
  • Efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Safe
  • Oil spillage

Final Verdict:

We hope that this article helped in clearing up your confusion about which 2000W inverter generator to buy. If you ask us, we would definitely recommend the Generac 6866 iQ2000 due to its efficient operation and affordable price. If this doesn’t match your needs, you still have 4 other options to choose from. Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the largest inverter generator made?

The Honda EU65is is possible the largest inverter generator made with a running power output of 6550W.

2. What is the best 2000-watt inverter generator?

The best 2000-watt generator is the Generac 6866 iQ2000.

3. Is an inverter generator better?

Inverter generators are better than conventional generators in the sense that they produce safer and more efficient power.

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