Top 16 Best Dual Fuel Generator 2022 Reviews with Buyer’s Guide

Best Dual Fuel Generator 2020 Reviews

Gone are the days when a power outage could cause a blackout. The world has generators now. They have been around for quite a while and in this time they’ve upgraded too. Nowadays people prefer the Best Dual Fuel Generator because they have the capability to run on two fuels which are usually gas and propane. Propane produces power that is much quieter and cleaner than that produced by gasoline.

Now that you’re here, you have probably decided to get a dual fuel generator. At this point, the most important question is: Which one should you get? Here we have compiled a list of the top 11 dual fuel generators along with their specs, features, pros, and cons to make the choice easier for you. Let’s dive right in!

11 best dual fuel generator

How to select a dual fuel Generator?

If you’re not a very technical person, this will not be a very easy task. Do not go unprepared to the store because otherwise, the salesman will just sell the most expansive dual fuel generator to you assuring you that it is the best when it is really not. Here are a few things that you should check before purchasing a dual fuel generator.

1. Cost:

This is the most important consideration. Set a budget for how much you can afford to pay. Then look for the best one which is within your budget. This will help you shortlist a few and then eventually buy the best one.

2. Power needs:

Consider what your power needs are. How many appliances do you need to power? How long do the power outages usually last? Power is the factor that decides the cost of the generator so you should decide on that in order to invest efficiently.

3. Noise levels:

If you intend on keeping the generator indoors you need to ensure that the noise levels are around 60 dB which is acceptable and not a nuisance. However any greater than that, it will be like living in a workshop with machines running all the time.

4. Ecological concerns:

If you live in an area with strict air quality laws, you need to check if the generator is EPA or CARB compliant or not. This will ensure low emissions. This way you can keep it inside too.

5. Power outlets and other technical features:

Make sure to check the user-friendly features of the generator for example multiple power outlets, USB ports, and fuel level indicators. This will help you choose the one which fits your needs and is easy to use.

Top 11 Best Dual Fuel Generator in 2022 Reviews and in-depth Guide

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The WGEN7500DF is our top pick because of its enormous power output and reliability. With 7500W running power, you can run your refrigerator, air conditioner, and your television simultaneously. It can also prove to be useful in a workshop with heavy-duty electronics. It can run for about 8 hours at half the load on both fuels. It is also very easy to start.

You can just push a button or switch it on with a remote. Multiple 120V outlets allow you to plug in different electronics at once. You can read the fuel levels of the digit display. Westinghouse has also taken environmental issues into consideration as the generator is EPA and CARB compliant.

However, there are a few issues. First of all, it is quite noisy at 74 dB noise levels, almost as loud as a running vacuum cleaner. It also weighs a lot so there will be portability issues.


  • Colour: Black and Blue
  • Weight: 194 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27.2 x 26.1 x 26 inches
  • Engine size: 420 cc
  • Engine capacity: 6.6 gallons
  • Five 120V 20A power outlets
  • Two 5 volts USB ports
  • Remote and push-button start
  • 3-year warranty
  • Digital display


  • 7500W (peak 9000W) power output
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • 74 dB noise levels
  • 8 hours run time at half load
Westinghouse WGen7500DF - Best Dual Fuel Portable Generator infographic details
  • High output power
  • User friendly
  • Can run multiple devices at once
  • Eco-friendly
  • Heavy
  • Noisy

With a 3800-watt running power, the Champion 3800-Watt will keep things running for up to 9 hours. It’s also much lighter than the other dual-fuel generators which increases its portability. Now power will not be an issue at that beach party you’re hosting! At 3800-watt sit can power the majority of household appliances including Freezers, iron, fans, and tube lights all at the same time.

Equipped with a volt Guard, it protects your appliances from power surges making it very safe to use at home. It has a click start technology along with multiple power outlets to run multiple devices simultaneously. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also very efficient as it keeps a record of fuel consumption and power output.

With all that, you also get a 3-year warranty. Not to forget, manufacturers have not forgotten about the environment as it is EPA and CARB compliant. There are, of course, a few downsides. Champion 3800W has a smaller fuel tank and power output than most other dual-fuel generators which adds the tiresome work of refueling more often. There have also been some complaints from customers about quality control. Its noise levels are also a little on the noisier side.


  • Colour: Black and yellow
  • Weight: 122 pounds
  • Dimensions: 26.3 x 24.8 x 22.9 inches
  • 4 stroke
  • Shuts off when oil levels are low
  • Fuel capacity: 3.4 gallons
  • 24cc engine
  • Touch start
  • Intelligence: for efficiency
  • Volt Guard for safety
  • 3-year warranty


  • 3800W power output
  • 68 dB noise levels
  • 9 hour run time on a full tank
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • Comparatively Lightweight
  • Safe
  • User-friendly
  • Efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Smaller fuel capacity
  • Noisy

With 4850W starting power and 3850W running power output, the Duromax XP4850EH is a class apart. It’s a powerful generator that can run maximum household appliances all at the same time so your power issues are resolved of course. The 212cc engine is quite durable and will be faithful to you for a long time to come.

It’s also fitted with a powerful muffler which reduces its noise levels to just 69 dB and makes it suitable for working indoors. In addition, it has been built with premium quality material ensuring reliability. Being EPA and CARB compliant makes it safe as well as eco-friendly.

No product is without cons and the XP4850EH has some too. Its heavy weight makes it less portable so it will be hard for you to carry it to outdoor events. Also, you have to put small parts of the generator together when you use it for the first time so that’s tiresome.


  • Colour: Black and green
  • Weight: 130 pounds
  • Dimension: 24 x 17 x 17 inches
  • 212cc engine
  • Option to operate on either 120V or 240V
  • Fuel capacity: 4 gallons
  • Run time: Gas 8 hours, Propane 20 hours
  • Electric start


  • 3850W (4850W starting) power output
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • Premium quality material
  • 69 dB noise levels
  • Reliable engine
  • Premium quality material
  • Quiet
  • Eco-friendly
  • Heavy
  • Needs to be assembled

No power outage can harm you anymore because the GEN4000DF with a 3500W power output is here to rescue you. With a 4000W starting power, it is ideal to power your air conditioner, your freezer, and even your television for up to 10 hours on half load. It’s built with premium quality material and is extremely user-friendly owing to its recoil start.

Safety features include shutting down when oil levels fall to avoid damage. The noise level is also less than 69 dB. At just 90 pounds, it can easily be taken along for outdoor events and parties. Sportsman also takes ecological issues into consideration as the GEN4000DF is EPA approved.

However, there are no indications or signals to show if fuel levels are falling. Also, initially, its fuel consumption is high but as time goes on that gets better. If you looking for a portable best dual fuel generator for camping or outdoor parties then GEN4000DF is the best for you.


  • Colour: Green and Black
  • Weight: 94 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 16.5 x 17 inches
  • Fuel capacity: 3.6 gallons
  • Four 120 volts outlets
  • One 120 volts RV outlet
  • Recoil start
  • 1-year warranty
  • 212 cc engine


  • 3500W (Starting 4000W) power output
  • 69 dB noise levels
  • EPA approved
  • Runs for 10-12 hours at half load
  • Premium quality material
  • Low oil shut down
  • Quiet
  • Portable
  • EPA approved
  • No fuel levels indication
  • High fuel consumption initially

At 8000W running power, the PG10000B16 is truly a powerhouse. With this much power, not only can you power your entire household but even heavy-duty machinery at a workshop. It’s constructed with durable material. Its durability is further enhanced by its powder-coated Steel Frame.

The 120cc, OHV, 4stroke, air-cooled engine is what makes the generator so powerful. It provides a long run time of 12 hours on gasoline at half load. This is because it has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank which helps reduce the frequency of refueling. User-friendly features include switch and go technology to easily shift between fuels and electric push start.

With such great power comes loud noise and the PG10000B16 is definitely noisy so you cannot keep it indoors. In addition, a huge fuel tank also means a very heavyweight which reduces portability.


  • Colour: Black and blue
  • Weight: 209 pounds
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 22.2 x 21.8 inches
  • 420cc, OHV, 4 strokes, air-cooled engine
  • 6.6-gallon fuel tank
  • Switch and go technology for fuel switching
  • Electric push start


  • 8000W (starting 10000W) power output
  • 12 hour run time on half load
  • Durable engine
  • High power output
  • Powerful and durable engine
  • Long run time
  • Large capacity of the fuel tank
  • Easy switching between fuels
  • Heavy
  • Noisy

Using gasoline, the WEN DF1100T produces 8300W running and 11000W peak power whereas while using propane, it produces 7500W running and 9500W peak power. Now that’s a new high! With that much power, you don’t even have to tell your son to shut down the video game when the power goes out and you can keep all the household appliances running simultaneously.

If you own a workshop or if you work with heavy-duty machinery, it will be of great use to you! The DF1100T owes all its power to its powerful 457cc and 4-stroke engine. It has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank which can keep things running for up to 8 and a half hours at half load. You can easily electric start the generator and switch between 120V and 240V.

All this greatness, however, comes with a huge price. It is definitely an expansive machine. In addition, it is also comparatively heavier than other dual-fuel generators which makes it less portable.


  • Colour: Black and orange
  • Weight: 214 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27.3 x 20.6 x 21.9 inches
  • Fuel tank capacity: 6 gallons
  • 457cc, OHV, 4 stroke engine
  • Four 5-20R 120 volts GFCI outlets
  • One L5-30R 120 volts and 30 amperes twist-lock outlet
  • One 120/240 volts 50 Amperes outlet
  • One 12 volts cigarette-lighter-style DC plug
  • 2-year warranty
  • Push start technology


  • Gasoline: 8300W (peak 11000W) power output
  • Propane: 7500W (peak 9500W) power output
  • 8.5 hour run time on half load
  • High power output
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy voltage switch
  • Suitable for workshops
  • Costly
  • Heavy

With great power output, user-friendly features, and wheels to provide ease of portability, the Firman H03651 has got it all. It has 3650 Watt running power that can power household appliances for up to 14 hours owing to its 5-gallon tank. Its portable features make it extremely suitable for being used in outdoor events or adventures.

Even if you’re in the mountains or in the jungle, you will always have power i.e. electricity. Safety features include shutting down automatically when oil levels fall. User-friendly features include a 3 in 1 data minder that ensures efficiency and a U-shape folding handle. Emissions are low so it is also eco-friendly.

The problem with the H03651 is that a propane tank is not included. Also, it can easily be damaged if it is not properly handled.


  • Colour: Black and Yellow
  • Weight: 119.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27.9 x 18.1 x 20.5 inches
  • Fuel tank capacity: 5 gallons
  • 8-inch wheels
  • U-shaped foldable handle
  • Switch off on low oil
  • 3 in 1 data minder
  • Multi-feature control panel
  • LPG regulator hose
  • 208cc engine


  • 3650W (starting 4650W) power output
  • 14 hours run time
  • Portable
  • Portable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Efficient
  • User-friendly
  • Safe
  • Propane tank not included
  • Can get damaged if not handled properly

This beast can deliver a peak of 12000 Watts on gasoline and a peak of 10,800 Watts on propane. It has a 457cc, air-cooled, 4 stroke, OHV engine which is the reason for its heavy-duty power output. With this massive amount of power output, one can easily power not just an entire house but even a whole mansion!

It is also suitable for use in workshops and small industries. Folding handles, 10-inch wheels, and electric start technology make it very user-friendly. It shuts off automatically on low oil and has a 3 in 1 digital meter and voltage regulation to enhance efficiency. It also has multiple power outlets to run appliances simultaneously.

However, as compared to competitors with similar features, the G12KB is quite heavy which makes it less portable even with the wheels and handles. There is also no mention of ecological concerns in the product’s description.


  • 457cc, air-cooled, 4 strokes, OHV engine
  • Folding handles
  • 10-inch wheels
  • Electric start technology
  • Shuts off automatically on low oil
  • 3 in 1 digital meter
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • 8-gallon fuel tank
  • Four 120 volts 20 amperes AC outlets
  • One 120V/240V 30 Amperes twist-lock outlet
  • One 120V/240V 50 Amperes outlet
  • Propane hose included
  • 1-year warranty


  • Gasoline: 9500W (12000W peak) power output
  • Propane: 8550W (10,800W peak) power output
  • Gasoline: 12 hours run time on half load
  • User friendly
  • Wheels and handle included
  • Efficient
  • User friendly
  • Safe
  • Easy to store
  • High power output
  • Comparatively heavy

This generator with dual fuel capabilities is perfect for domestic use. It produces 5500W running power and 6000W peak power output which can easily power even the heaviest load home appliances like the freezer or air conditioner. Brushless copper windings in the engine ensure durability and reliability. This means that this will be a good investment for the long term.

It is safe to use with sensitive devices like mobile phones and laptops as its signals have very low distortion. The Winco HPS6000HE not only provides clean and safe energy but is also energy efficient due to a fuel regulator in its engine which monitors fuel consumption and ensures minimum wastage of fuel. It also automatically shuts down when oil levels fall to avoid damage. The steel cradle makes handling the generator easier.

However, despite what the product description says, it is not very portable due to its heavyweight and the fact that it doesn’t have wheels. It is not CARB compliant which means that emissions may cause pollution so you cannot keep it in areas with strict air quality control.


  • Colour: Black and red
  • Weight: 212 pounds
  • Dimension: 30 x 22 x 22 inches
  • Brushless copper windings on engine
  • Voltage regulator
  • Low oil automatic shut down
  • Steel cradle
  • Rubber isolation mounts
  • Two 20A, 120V outlet
  • One 120/240V NEMA L14-30 plug
  • 72 dB noise levels


  • 5500W (6000W peak) power output
  • Durable engine
  • Less percentage of THD
  • 4 and a half hour run time at full load
  • Durable
  • Safe power
  • Efficient
  • Shuts down on low oil
  • Easy to handle
  • Heavy
  • No wheels included
  • Not CARB compliant

With a black Goth look, this generator has a lot more to offer than just a cool appearance. A 4400W power output is enough to fulfill all your domestic power needs. On both fuels, the Fortress Hybrid can run up to 10 hours at half load which means no worries for a long time.

It owes this long run time and good power output to its enormous 20-pound tank. Its muffler helps reduce the noise level, eliminating a common problem in most generators. User-friendly features include an electric start and a steel frame which makes handling it easier.

There are a few problems too. For example, the oil fill is actually too far down under the generator so it difficult to access it. In addition, there is no mention of ecological concerns in the product’s description so there is no guarantee of it being ecologically sound.


  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 137 pounds
  • Dimensions: 21 x 24 x 24 inches
  • 7 Horsepower air-cooled engine
  • Automatic shut down on low oil
  • Steel frame
  • Electric start
  • Multiple power outlets
  • Muffler to reduce noise levels
  • 20-pound tank


  • 4400W power output
  • 10 hours run time at half load
  • Low noise levels
  • Good appearance
  • Quiet
  • User friendly
  • Long run time
  • Oil fill is not easily accessible
  • No specification about emissions

The MM2350DF has a 1200W running power output with 1500W peak outputs. That is enough to power the tube lights and fans in case of a power outage. It has one 12 volts DC outlet and two 120 volts AC outlets. This helps connect multiple devices at once.

The MM2350DF has many user-friendly features which include an LPG hose included with the generator and a 24-hour run time at half load on propane which reduces the hassle of refueling again and again. It produces clean and safe energy and is EPA III and CARB compliant which means all ecological concerns are solved.

The best part? It’s very lightweight as compared to other generators which makes it really easy to carry around so you can take it to your camping trip or beach party.  The worst part is that its power output is quite low as compared to competitors which means it can’t power heavy-duty machines.


  • Colour: Orange and Black
  • Weight: 59.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15.9 x 16.7 inches
  • 4 strokes, 94cc, OHV engine
  • One 12 volts DC outlet and two 120 volts AC outlets
  • EPA III and CARB compliant
  • 1.5-gallon gasoline tank
  • Low oil automatic shut down
  • Overload protection safeguard


  • 1200W (peak 1500W) power output
  • 24 hours run time at half load on propane
  • 9 hours run time at half load on gasoline
  • 68 dB noise levels
  • Light weight
  • Low noise levels
  • Long run time
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low power output

Best Dual Fuel Generator Buying Guide:

Having provided you with suggestions for buying a dual fuel generator, let us now provide you with all the basic information that you need before actually doing the deed. This includes understanding how a dual fuel generator actually works, how is it better than a typical generator, and what qualities you should look for in the perfect dual fuel generator for you. Let’s begin!

The basic working of a dual fuel generator:

A dual fuel generator basically works on the basics of mixing two fuels up to optimum conditions to get the best power output. For example, a dual fuel generator that runs on gas and propane will begin working by using gasoline as fuel and then gradually add propane to its operation until optimum conditions are reached. In addition, it can also work on just one of the two fuels if the other one is not available. This increases ease of use.

Advantages of a dual fuel generator over a conventional generator:

What you need to understand is that a bi-fuel and a dual fuel generator are two completely different generators. Bi-fuel generators are capable of working on two different fuels but it cannot mix them together however a dual fuel generator can either work on two different fuels or a mixture of both of them. Now that that is cleared, let me explain why you should invest in a dual fuel inverter rather than a conventional generator.

1. The option of using two fuels:

The most obvious advantage. You can use either of the two fuels based on availability and cost. You can also use a combination. It is entirely up to you.

Why is that an advantage? Imagine a sudden power outage due to letting’s say a storm? Now you can’t go out to get fuel for your generator and you can just use the fuel that is available at home and not go through the hassle of getting the other one.

2. Efficiency:

They have the ability to provide the same power output for a more efficient amount of fuel as most efficient technology such as fuel monitors. In addition, having the option of using any of the two fuels is also a very efficient choice

3. User friendly:

They can easily be moved in case they need repairs and have features such as an electric start that make them very easy to use. Their installation and maintenance also cost way less than conventional generators.

4. Long-lasting:

Dual fuel generators are usually manufactured based on the fact that they may be used in remote areas or areas where power outages are common due to storms or blizzards. For this reason, they have a strong durable exterior which is not always the case with conventional generators.

5. Eco-friendly:

When running on propane, dual fuel generators are more eco-friendly because propane produces fewer emissions and cleaner power.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dual fuel inverter generator?

Champion 3400-Watt DF inverter generator is the best Dual fuel Inverter generator.

Are dual fuel inverter generators any good?

Dual fuel inverter generators allow you to use two different fuels and also have lower noise levels.

Is it safe to use sensitive electronics with dual fuel generators?

This depends on the percentage of THD of the generator. The lower the THD percentage, the safer it is.

Why is it important to have circuit-backed outlets?

This ensures that you don’t have to manually restart the generator each time there is a power surge.

Is it cheaper to use propane or gas as fuel?

Gasoline generators are usually cheaper to install and have a greater run time.

How much power is enough to run all household appliances?

Around 5000W to 7500W is enough to power all appliances simultaneously.

Is it cheaper to run a generator on gas or propane?

Propane because it has longer run times.


We have provided you with the list of the top 11 dual fuel generators on the market. Now you need to decide which one of them suits your needs. The Westinghouse WGen7500DF would clearly be our first suggestion based on its reliability, power output and efficiency. However, the 3800W Champion and the Duromax XP4850EH are also suitable alternatives for their light weight and eco-friendly features. Now it is up to you to decide which of these fits your needs and likes. Good luck!

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