Predator 3500 Inverter Generator In-depth Review

Looking for a generator that fulfils all your needs from DIY tools to frequent recreational needs, from your daily wattage supply to running RV? Well, look no further because the predator 3500 inverter generator is going to do all for you. From remarkable specifications to quality features, this stands out among other generators and is indeed one of the best in the market

There are many instances when you require a go-to unit that fulfills all your electricity demands and power needs. This generator is a perfect fit for those conditions and it further guarantees of doing no harm to the appliances. It keeps all your devices safe and sound and promises powerful functioning and much more. 

This mid-range yet powerful generator keeps all of this check and is the perfect go-to unit for all of your requirements. To get a complete insight, dive into the through and detailed predator 3500 inverter generator review

Predator 3500 Inverter Generator – Super Quiet Inverter Generator

This generator is famous for being an ultra quiet generator. This mid-size unit produces absolutely no noise which puts everyone at ease. Portability is another great factor associated with it. The units consist of wheels which assist in moving and makes the transportation simpler and uncomplicated. The attached handles also eases the way you can carry it. It weighs about 99 lbs which is perfect for mid-size generators. 

Moreover, this generator is very safe for all the electronics due to high-quality technologies. This also is known for its superior efficiency along with the reduced noise. 

Let’s dive in and know what makes it the absolute best in the market. From quiet operation to superior efficiency, from safety considerations to great reliability, this has much more to it. 

Let’s dive in and know what makes it the absolute best in the market. From quiet operation to superior efficiency, from safety considerations to great reliability, this has much more to it. 

With an exceptional run time extending to 11 hours and more. It promises this run time at just 25 percent of capacity. Whether it is tailgating or you require it during camping, whether you need it during black out or as a power source during electricity shutoff, this has got you all covered. 

Specifications and Features of Predator 3500 Inverter Generator 


  • Built-in wheels
  • Smooth movement
  • LCD digital display
  • Indicators integrated to indicate low oil or oil overload readings
  • Fuel efficient- uses less fuel
  • Clean and great power curve
  • Good Fuel capacity
  • Parallel capable
  • Quiet operation- generator operating at just 57 decibels
  • RV adapter included
  • Can operate upto 30 amperes
  • Backup generator starting options available by pull in start.
  • The engine shuts down if on low oil which keeps it secure
  • Fully enclosed
  • Quality protection of interior
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Long lasting components of copper
  • Throttle switch
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Overload protection
  • Less fuel consumption


  • Fuel tank: An exceptional capacity of 2.6 gallons
  • Run time: As stated earlier, this promises a run time extending to 11 hours.
  • Wattage: This guarantees a run wattage of 3000 while the starting wattage is 3500 watts
  • Noise level: The noise level is as low as 57 decibels
  • Engine: 212cc
  • Weight: an average weight of 99.2 lbs

This quality generator has the ability to take in about 20 oz of the fluid which is oil. It is recommended that the engine oil used is 30 SAE. 

The manufacturer has placed safety at the top of the list as there are no compromises made with the safety. Another thing which the manufacturer focuses on is the convenience of the users. Let’s have a detailed insight of the features. 

This is a complete package which makes it further desirable. This is equipped with a universal accessories kit. Whether it is a funnel or a toolkit, whether it is an RV adapter or some connecting cables, this inverter generator has got you all covered with a perfect accessories kit. 

Another plus point about predator 3500 is the long warranty. With its warranty period extending to 2 years, it clearly indicates how confident the manufacturer is in their product. Moreover, the EPA- environmental protection agency has certified this quality generator if emissions control is concerned. It is further certified by the CARB

Along with superior warranty and complete kit, the advanced control panel is another great thing about this generator. You don’t need to worry about the engine oil running low or either oil overloading as the display will indicate it all. What else does one wish for? 

Buying Guide

What makes a predator 3500 inverter generator the best?

Predator 3500 has everything perfected, from 100 percent premium and durable copper components to high impact closure, from smooth rolling to throttle switch, from low oil indications to overload protections, this is absolutely worth every penny and here’s why. 

Rugged appearance

The striking and eye catchy appearance of this robust generator is achieved through its crimson red outer with great detailing. The shell has an attractive combination of red with black which appears oh-so-amazing and absolutely wonderful. The black accents on the edges make the generator look worthy and sophisticated. This stands out among others due to the sleek, smart and decent control panel integrated in the face of the generator. The dials as well as the inputs are all perfectly visible which is very thoughtful as it enables you to plug in the connecting wires with remarkable ease. 

The outer of this generator is rugged, strong and hard which enhances its durability and makes it impact resistant. The angled corners together with the flushed features make this so very reliable and last long. 

The oil tanker is placed on one side of the predator 3500 body. This will make it accessible for you to put in the oil. 

The other side of this generator consists of the pull up start. It emerges with a nook so that it eases your operation. This separated it from the main shell protecting it from damage. If you want to start the generator, you can opt for manual start or either the electric one according to your convenience. 

Parallel Kit 

A parallel kit can turn out to be useful in connecting two Predator 3500s together. This increases the power output while keeping it quiet and portable. The kit which is highly compatible with this premium generator is Firman’s


This quality generator doesn’t compromise on convenience and this is the reason why it has several inputs and outputs which enhances the ease with which you operate it.  The plug socket integrated is 3 pin which makes it possible to be used with heavy machinery together with other tools. You can obtain the output within 30 amperes. Along with that, it also includes an RV adapter operating at 30 amperes as well. The thoughtful and careful manufacturing is evident from the two 15 amperes outputs. This enables your phones to be plugged in with right safety and great convenience. 

These all controls make predator 3500 perfect for your outdoor activities like camping due to the ease of charging your devices and powering them when needed with utmost ease. There is another outlet giving the output of 12 volts. If you are ever stuck in the wild, don’t you worry because this comes with an ESC throttle. This will put the generator on economy mode. In this way the energy will be conserved. What is even amazing is that the generator goes quieter when on economy mode. 

Furthermore, we are completely astonished with the information the LCD screen of this generator provides. Not only it indicates useful information but also is simpler to read. From the run time to overload indicator, from output to oil levels, it displays everything clearly and it is all perfectly visible. 

Going for long camping trips? Well, the predator 3500 is your perfect partner for the trip with its incredible ability to be connected in parallel. You can connect two predators together with two outlets integrated at the left of the control panel. If you don’t want to connect two predators, there are covers provided for these outlets to keep the dust and debris out when not in use. 


Portability is another great feature of this generator which makes it worth buying. If you are going on a camping trip or whether it is tailgating, you do require your generator with you. Well, with an average weight, predator 3500 is a great choice for sure. It is exceptionally portable with the handle included. The handles are two in number which further enhances the ease. Talking about the ease, how can we forget 4 wheels which makes carrying simpler as ever. This is surely one of the best in the market if you require portability. The manufacturer has given much thought in this regard. 


With a running wattage of 3000 watts and the starting wattage of 3500 watts, we are stunned with how little is the difference between the two. This is exceptional and will enable us to identify which devices the generator is  capable of powering. This superior power makes it highly suitable for camping and other outdoor trips and makes it highly worthy for its price. With this power together with abundant fuel capacity due to the large tank, it is perfect for a power source for the whole night. It will keep on powering your devices for about 11 hours. Isn’t it incredible?! 

Quiet operation 

Predator 3500 inverter generator stands out among the rest of the competitors and makes exceptional sales due to its quiet operation. It can be left on for the whole night without disturbing your peace. The quiet nature of this generator will not make your neighbors complain of the loud noise which is usual with other models. 


Whether it is high power or quiet operation, whether it is high durability or great controls, this hardly compromises on anything. This is an excellent price for the incredible features. It is worth every penny as the similarly priced inverter generators come with running wattage of 2000 watts compared to its continuous wattage of 3000 watts which is indeed incredible. 

  • Built-in wheels
  • Portable
  • Quiet operation
  • Exceptional power
  • Electric start
  • RV adapter enhances convenience
  • Safe unit
  • Great power
  • Easy monitoring due to LCD screen
  • Indicates oil level
  • Convenient unit
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Robust design
  • Amazing exterior
  • Easy use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Doesn’t include remote start
  • Run time is short


Frequently Asked Questions

Are predator inverter generators any good? 

The predator inverter generators are great, working at high continuous wattage with incredible design, astounding power and remarkable exterior. These are exceptional for the price they come in and stand out among others in the market due to incredible performance. 

Are predator generators good quality? 

Predator is a name of quality and has been making their mark in the market for years now. From great performance to right durability, this has a lot more to it which makes it very good quality. There is absolutely nothing to doubt about the quality of predator generators due to durable material and reliable technology. 

How many hours does predator 3500 last? 

Predator 3500 inverter generator lasts 11 hours at 25 percent capacity which is indeed incredible. 


Predator 3500 inverter generator is one of the most durable, sophisticated, strong and high quality generators one would want. From robust construction to advanced technology, the interior as well as exterior is perfected and there is hardly anything to complain about. It promises incredible capacity and is surely one of the best. What else does one wish for? 

Get your hands on the premium and absolutely worthy inverter generator of all times and power your devices with the ultra quiet predator 3500 inverter generator

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