Wen 56200i Inverter Generator Review

The WEN 56200i is a compact, portable, and very light generator with an incredible power rating of 2000 watts. This all seems pretty common among the entire inverter generator but the most special part which makes it so wanted is the affordability. This is available at an extremely low price for all the features and qualities it promises. This generator model is from a very reputable and dignified brand which has proven through their excellent and remarkable generators. In this article, we are covering a detailed review of Wen 56200i.

This model is highly suitable for recreation purposes. It is carefully and thoughtfully manufactured and constructed to have quiet noise while offering utmost portability and a simple setup. The real challenge is to stand out among other generators offering the same features and qualities. Another question that might have risen in your mind is how this little price defines the quality features and innovative technologies.

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Wen 56200i Review – In-depth Buyer’s Guide:

Wen 56200i Review - The Best Carb Compliant Inverter Generator

Key Specifications :

  • Running wattage of 1600 watts
  • Peak wattage of 2000 watts
  • Fuel used is gasoline
  • Tank capacity of 1 gallon
  • Run time of 6 hours is offered at ½ load
  • Weight is only 48 pounds
  • Noise level of 51dB

Features and Specs:

WEN 56200i - Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator Infographic Review

WEN 56200i operates on a 4-stroke engine which has an exceptional rating of 79.7 CC. Powered by the most efficient fuel, gasoline; it has an exceptional capability to fill up to 1 gallon. The 1-gallon fuel tank serves as the right standard for 2000 watts of the power generator. The full tank provides incredible storage that enables the generator to run for as long as 6 hours at ½ of the load. Another astounding feature to consider regarding the engine of this generator is its adherence to the EPA III as well as the carb. It offers pollution-free air at the exhaust is the safest to use at parks eliminating harmful gases and polluted substances.

The integrated eco-mode enables the machine to select the right engine speed according to the load attached automatically. It enhances fuel efficiency and total power thus it is a very friendly and useful mode one can use. The eco-mode further allows for the reduction of fuel usage. Further, it works really quietly and smartly when a comparatively smaller load is attached. This model has an incredible power of 2000 watts which reduces down to 1600 running watts.

This power serves as the ideal power. The generator is thoughtfully equipped with a USB port of 5 volts. Moreover, the generator also has two AC outlets of 120 volts each. Lastly, one DC outlet of 12 volts is provided. The generator provides the safest and cleanest energy that will guarantee utmost protection to your devices and appliances and wouldn’t damage them at any rate. What is so shocking is the 1.2 percent THD even at the full load.

The WEN56200 is the quieter generator with a noise of only 51 decibels and this increases to 55 decibels when the load increases u to 75%.To our surprise, this volume is lower and quite comfortable for the two people conversing, so you can easily talk and have a conversation while the WEN56200i will be working quietly and soundly. With its strong handle included, the generator is compact and portable. It is only 18*11*18 inches which is super easy to carry and place.

The model is very light and weighs only 48 pounds given there is no fuel in the tank. This model is super-friendly and easy to use with easy controls and enhanced understanding shown by the indicators placed to indicate various things like oil level. To avoid any misery or hazards, the model is equipped and capable of automatic shutdown in case the fuel is low or the machine overloads. The engine can be started by a recoil system. The control panel allows you to turn the engine on or off anytime you want.

WEN 56200i

Best Gas-Powered Carb Compliant Inverter Generator


The incredible model takes the lead over other competitors by its remarkably low and affordable price. The price is sufficiently low while the features and the qualities are exceptional and excellent. The noise is another quality that is quite highlighted and notable. Only 51 decibels make it really quiet and the workplace less noisy. This is extremely low when it comes to generators’ RVs. Another noticeable advantage of this incredible model is the portability offered due to its remarkably low weight and easy carrying.

This model can be taken to camping or multiple other public places. The benefits do not just stop here. How can we forget to mention the safety and utmost protection the model guarantees and promises through its automatic shutoff features? The automatic low oil and overload shutoff enable safe and sound operation with quality function. All the devices can be connected to this model, even the sensitive ones without the danger of getting ruined or wasted. The manufacturers have duly considered this aspect and have integrated the right technologies for safe and clean power transmittance.

The multiple outlet types enhance the ease with which the connections are made and the sockets provided. The two AC outlets along with one DC and a USB port make the connections easier and safer. The devices can be connected according to their needs and requirements. This basic model does not forget to include the essential quality features such as low oil shutoff which is necessary but the manufacturer usually does not include this because the quality features increase the price.


One of the most notable and common issues, as reported by a number of users, is that the unit starts creating issues and has problems once the warranty time is over. Moreover, the warranty period is shorter as compared to a number of other companies. The warranty period of 2 years is provided which is somewhat a little less than the other 3 years or 5 years. The filling in of gasoline is somewhat a real challenge as the cap is tiny and small.

You will possibly need to refuel using a funnel as otherwise it can cause spilling or overflowing. One major thing to consider is the broken elements or the ruined stuff. If you will be ordering this unit through Amazon then you must be checking for such stuff as the packaging is quite poor and not neatly done. Such damages are very likely. Maintenance is another shortcoming as this small portable model of generator needs to have maintenance every couple of months. This becomes a task and is quite difficult.

  • Quiet
  • Economical
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Less Reliable
  • More Oil Consumption


Conclusively, this is an incredible option to consider and purchase when we look at its exceptional weight, decent power, and adequate run time. If you are looking for an affordable and portable generator then WEN56200i is the best choice for you all.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wen generators any good?

Wen is one of the best companies that manufacture for the money.

What can a 2000w generator run?

2000W Generator can smoothly run Coffee Maker, Microwave Oven, Pressure Cooker, Dishwasher, Ceiling Fan.

What engine is in a Wen generator?

Wen Generator uses a 4-stroke OHV engine in their generators.

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