Where are champion generators made?

Champion generators are made in Zhejiang, China even though it is an American company. The company, however, is regulated by Americans. These generators are phone-engineered in California and then they are manufactured in China.

Looking for a powerful generator to help power your home? Or are you going on a trip and need a generator for the road? We would like to recommend champion generators for both these purposes. In this article, we will tell you where are champion generators made and we will also discuss other details about these generators. Let’s go!

Champion is definitely a very popular name in the world of power tools. Its feature full, efficient, and reliable products have helped make a name for it. The best products from Champion are their generators which are both efficient as well as affordable. What else could you ask for?


Champion power equipment was founded back in 2003 with the purpose of manufacturing and designing power-generating equipment, especially for the market of North America. They established their first headquarters within Santa Fe Springs in California.

Currently, the company has various manufacturing facilities in areas such as Jackson Tennessee, Wisconsin in America, and also Toronto, Canada. All of these are strategic areas for the company as they allow the company to easily serve its target market.

Over the years, Champion has gained a lot of experience and now it is a household name for generators within America.

Are Champion generators any good?

Yes, Champion generators offer many features which put them over the top. The company has relied on innovation and durability in order to make a name for itself in the market. Their customer care services are both experienced and extremely dependable.

They are not only affordable but also incredibly efficient with their dual-fuel engines. These engines allow you to use the fuel of your choice and so you can extend runtimes and also use the fuel which is most easily available. They also offer other modern features such as wireless remote control as well as electric start.

Manufacturing cycle of Champion generators

The research and planning begin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This department is basically the brain of the company. The best-patented research rituals are followed which help create excellent quality generators.

After the completion of this process, the next step which is manufacturing begins in China. The operation plan, as well as the manufacturing, are the responsibilities of the Chinese departments. This is mainly because labor costs are quite low which helps reduce the overall cost.

Recommended champion generator

Champion Power Equipment 100302

We would recommend the Champion Power Equipment 100302 as the best Champion generator as it offers a state-of-the-art design along with exceptional efficiency. This generator is quite lightweight which helps make it portable so that you can carry it on road trips and even use it for your next camping trip.

It also offers low noise levels which ensure that it can easily be used indoors or in your RV without disturbing anyone. You can even power-sensitive devices using this generator as it delivers clean and stable power.


We hope this article helped you learn where champion generators are made. Champion generators are made in China even though they are an American company. We also talked about the amazing features offered by champion generators and moved on to recommend the Champion Power Equipment 100302 to you like the best champion generator. This generator has an amazing design and offers incredible efficiency as well as low noise levels.

If you have other questions, send them to us and we would love to answer them for you. Until next time, good luck!

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