Where are Honda Generators Made?

Honda Motor Company Ltd. is based in Japan and is one of the best and largest manufacturers of small engines and generators all across the world. Their generators are manufactured in numerous countries including China, France, Thailand, the USA, and most importantly Japan. You would hardly find someplace in the world where Honda generators are not used.

The company is one of the leading brands of generators because it has the solution to all the power-related problems that customers face. Whether you want power back up for your whole house or just a small generator for your camping nights, we’ll get you covered with all the best solutions.

Honda Motor Company is famous across borders not only for its generators but for being a multinational conglomerate manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, power equipment, etc. The companies which compete directly with Honda on such a large scale are Yamaha and Mitsubishi.


Honda started off as the Honda Technical Research Institute near Hamamatsu back in 1946. It was founded by the engineer Honda Soichiro. It was purposed to manufacture small internal combustion engines at first and later continued to become the Honda Motor Company in 1948. It started manufacturing motorcycles in 1949, and the rest is history!

By 1959, Honda’s C-100 motorcycle became the world’s largest selling motorcycle after which the company set up a US subsidiary, the American Honda Motor Company which also started production in 1979. The company which started from motorcycles continued to become famous for its four-wheelers which were used in all corners of the world.

Honda introduced their first portable generator in the USA, back in 1973. Since then Honda emerged to become one of the tycoons in the industry of power-related products as well and Honda became an established name in the generators industry as well.

By the early 1990s, the Honda generators were outsourced to China and have been built there since. They set up a new factory specifically for portable generators in China, in 2010. They have gained the trust of customers in terms of quality and reliability. Let’s find out more about the key features of Honda Generators.

Unique features of Honda generators

Honda generators feature high-quality four-stroke engines. The generators are designed to be portable and easily movable by making them compact in size and lighter in weight. The generators are there ranging from about 1000 Watts to more than 7000 Watts , 10000 Watts for all the consumer requirements out there.

The generators have decently long running times and they are designed to be as quiet as possible, such as to produce just about 50 dBA of sound which makes your camping trips very peaceful. They are also equipped with low fuel shut down technology for safety in usage.

Honda generators also come with parallel outlet compatibility as they have multiple ports for power outlets. As a safety measure, they also have a transfer switch and the inverter technology in the generators allows them to set the throttle according to the requirement which increases the fuel efficiency.

Recommended Honda generator

The Honda EU2200ii is an Inverter generator that is designed specially to generate stable power under clean conditions and a quiet mode of operation. The model is very light in weight and better in design compared to conventional generators.

The generator can run at a power of up to 2200 Watts and can also produce a steady DC of 2.3A to run the power appliances. Its eco-throttle technology significantly reduces fuel consumption and it has a good run time of 8 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honda generator Made in USA?

Yes Honda is a Japan based company but it manufactures generators in different countries including USA.

Are there any generators made in the USA?

Dayton, MI-T-M, NorthStar, and Winco Generators are made in USA.

Who makes Honda generator engines?

Honda Makes its own generators instead of outsourcing it other manufacturers.

Which generators are made in Japan?

Yamaha Generators are made in Japan.


Honda generators are made in various countries of the world mainly Japan, China, Thailand, and the USA, and are then supplied to all corners of the world including European, Middle Eastern, and African countries. They are ideal for all your power requirements such as for home, outdoor activities, or business.

This article sums up a lot of information regarding Honda generators and according to our research, Honda EU2200ii is one of the best Honda generators available in the market and offers all the necessary features at a quite reasonable price. We hope that this article would have been helpful in adding up to your information. You can feel free to reach out to us for any of your queries!

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