Where are Kohler Generators Made?

Kohler generators are made by Kohler Power Corporation in Wisconsin, the USA where the main manufacturing takes place near the village of Saukville, while they also have production plants in France and China that cover different regions of the world.

Kohler generators are designed for use in both commercial places as well as small households. The company offers solutions to all power-related problems through its wide range of products. Whether you want a generator for your food business, or one for your camping trips Kohler has the right generators for you and we are here to help you out with this informative article.

The company is renowned not only for its range of generators but also for its other power-related products like UPS and internal combustion engines. They are known for manufacturing high-quality products and offering them at reasonable prices.


Kohler Corporation has a long history as it initiated the building of its first modern-day generator in 1920, originating in Wisconsin, USA. It was created with the purpose of powering plumbing products in rural America. Kohler generators also played their part in the inauguration of regular night mail delivery back in 1925.

A major success of the company was when Hollywood adopted Kohler electricity products for outdoor use and power backups at their shootings. The company grew to contribute to building what was one of the greatest engineering achievements in the world, the Hoover Dam. The construction lights were powered by Kohler generators.

Kohler engines and generators were also used by the US troops and their allies all over the world in WWII. In 1948, they built their world-famous K-series engine which was so reliable that it still runs to this day. Apart from this, the company continued to develop dozens of power-related products including portable generators. Let’s find out more about their unique features.

Unique features of Kohler generators

Kohler generators offer products in a wide range of wattages, from about 1000 Watts to more than 10000 Watts. The generators are designed to provide space efficiency and portability considering the modern-day demands of consumers. The generators are equipped with advanced voltage and frequency regulation devices for smooth power delivery.

Kohler is known for providing extraordinary reliability in its generators which come with a 5-year warranty. The generators are robust as they do not undergo corrosion or wear and tear over time.

The generators come with digital controllers to manage the transfer switches, along with electronic speed controls and digital voltage regulation. The engines come in dual-fuel technology so they can run on both LPG and natural gas along with gasoline. They meet the emission standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Recommended Kohler generator

The Pro7.5E is the best Kohler generator according to our survey. The generator comes with a 429cc gasoline engine with an 8 gallons fuel tank. It can run for 12 hours continuously and gives plenty of power with portability.

The generator provides 6300 Watts of running power and 7500 watts of peak power. It has multiple power outlets of 120/240V and different amperage. Its display shows the operating parameters and is equipped with an automatic voltage regulator as well.


Kohler generators are in Wisconsin, the USA as well as in France and China, by Kohler Corporations. They are ideal for commercial and domestic, both applications and this article sums up all the information you should have had before buying a Kohler generator.

The best in their series is the Kohler PRO7.5E because of the features and specs it has on offer, and that too within a reasonable price. We hope that you’ll now be clarified about where Kohler generators are actually made, and if you still have any queries, you can reach out to us any time any day!

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