Where are Westinghouse Generators Made?

Westinghouse generators are made by Westinghouse Corporation Pvt. Ltd. It is based in the USA and features a wide range of generators that are manufactured in China or Vietnam, which can be used for both household and commercial purposes.

Westinghouse has the solution to all your power-related problems. If you’re looking to invest in a heavy-duty generator for your business use or you want a power backup for your RV on your camping trips, you need not worry more because this article will guide you to the best Westinghouse generators, and give you all the necessary knowledge.

Westinghouse is famous all across the world not only for its generators but also for its wide range of home appliances, gadgets, accessories, electronics, and power-related products. They include batteries, smart TVs, chargers, portable power stations, trimmers, and whatnot. Their products are famous for their reliability and best quality.


Westinghouse Company has a very long and rich history. It has been in existence since 1886 and is said to originate in Pennsylvania, USA. It was founded by George Westinghouse who was born in 1846, in Central Bridge, New York. He started Westinghouse as an electric company and made the first alternating current motor. It emerged in the field of power by developing the first Hydroelectric generating power plant in 1891.

The company installed hydroelectric AC generators at Adam’s power plant and made the first commercial steam turbine-driven generator in 1901. The company continued to grow by innovation and execution and developed in the field of radio communication as well.

Later in the 20th century, the Westinghouse Company started to develop portable power stations, HVAC components, generators, etc. This was carried out keeping in consideration the increased demand for power backups and portable products. Stay tuned to find out the unique features of their power generators.

Unique features of Westinghouse generators

Westinghouse generators range come in a wide range of powers from 1200 to 9500 Watts. They come in very compact and space-efficient designs so that they are easily portable and can be used anywhere on the go. Most of their models also come with a wheel kit which further increases the ease of transportation.

The generators feature an automatic transfer switch for instant power backup and a VFT data center which reads out the voltage, frequency, and lifetime run hours. Other features such as push-button and remote electric start further increase its ease of use.

To keep the generators environment friendly, the generators are equipped with emission control mechanisms as well as spark arrestors to reduce the level of noise. The control panel comes with multiple 120V/240V power outlets as well as charging ports.

Recommended Westinghouse generator

Westinghouse iGen4500 4500-Watt Portable Generator

The Westinghouse iGen4500 is an Inverter generator that is designed specially to generate clean and stable power under quieter operation. It is engineered to vary its speed according to the power requirement which makes it highly fuel-efficient. It is also lighter in weight and better in design compared to conventional generators.

The generator runs at a power of 3700 Watts and is also equipped with a digital meter to monitor all the operating parameters. It generates a minimal noise level and has wheels to increase its portability as well.


Westinghouse generators are made by the Westinghouse Company based in the USA and manufactured in China and Vietnam. They are reliable for your home, business, or outdoor activity. This article sums up a lot of information about the Westinghouse Company and enables you to determine why their generators are the choice to opt for.

We believe that the best Westinghouse generator is the iGen4500 Portable Generator as it has portability and a high-power output on offer for a very reasonable price. We hope that you now know where Westinghouse generators are actually made. If you are still curious about anything, feel free to reach out to us!

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