Who makes Pulsar generators?

“Pulsar” is a USA-based company that makes the pulsar generators, and carries out most of its research, development, and design. The engines for the Pulsar generator are made by “Ducar” which is a Chinese company, which is the most integral component of a generator which actually generates the power.

The pulsar generators are available in a range of wattages from 1200 watts to 15000 watts to suit your desired application whether it is domestic or commercial, so if you are searching for a generator to back up your whole business setup or a smaller one to power your barbeque nights and camping trips. Pulsar has the most suitable options for you and by this article, we’ll help you work out which product provides the most optimal solution to your problem.  

Pulsar has been in business for a long time now and is famous not only for its portable power generators but also for other power-related products. Pulsar gives the best bang for your buck and has gained the trust of its customers in terms of reliability and quality.


Pulsar products are manufactured and assembled in Ontario, California and their manufacturing was started in the 1970s. The company made its name in the market as a hub for electronic products and tools and is one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry. It is dedicated to bringing about quality innovation at an affordable price to the market.

The company started with basic electronic products and stuff like drill machines, grinders, chargers, and torches. It was further developed to manufacture larger products like generators, compressors, and pressure washers. Other companies on the counterpart which manufacture similar products are Wen Corporation, Generac, Yamaha, etc.

Pulsar carries a full line of portable power products as of now, which are designed keeping into consideration the consumer’s need. The company provides progressive designs and cutting-edge features in its products. In terms of generators as well, they have proved to be amongst the best in the market giving all the competitive features that a buyer considers in buying a portable generator.

Unique features of Pulsar generators

There are certain features in the pulsar generators which make them the best choice. Talking about the design, the generators are portable and compactly sized so that they can be carried anywhere with convenience.

The loud noise that generators make is usually very disturbing hence this factor is considered and Pulsar has now introduced low noise generators for peaceful camping and outing experiences.

The control panel of the generators is also very handy and user-friendly and provides significant ease of use. It is also equipped with multiple power outlets, a digital hour meter, and a DC outlet. They also come with dual-fuel technology so you need not worry about stopping point by point for filling fuel.

Recommended Pulsar generator

Pulsar PG1202s 1200-Watt Portable Generator

The PG-1202s is the best-rated Pulsar generator, especially for camping and RV trips. It has the most efficient power generation and comes with portable strokes and several handy features.

The unit generates a running power of 1200 watts and a surge power of 1800 watts. It has a fuel tank capacity of 1.18 gallons and a very good running time. Keeping into consideration the environmental perspectives, the generator has an eco-mode and low noise production.


Pulsar generators are manufactured by Pulsar products which is a renowned US-based company. The article gives a brief overview of the company, its history, and its products, and the reasons why you should buy pulsar generators are also discussed in detail.

According to our survey, the Pulsar PG-1202s is one of the best pulsar generators that offers decent power output with a compact design at a very competitive price. We conclude hoping that this article would have been useful to add to your information, and for any related queries, you may contact us and get them resolved.  

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